Fighting Misinformation

There is an overwhelming flood of information available about the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic and, unfortunately, not all of it is accurate.  Worse some information is being distributed to take advantage of the current situation and those desperate to learn more and stay safe.  Among other things, misinformation includes false claims about the source of the disease, phony cures, and downplaying the severity of the disease.

Wright Library librarians assess information all the time and we can still do that for you.  Call us (937-294-7171) or email us with questions about what you are hearing in the news or seeing online.

Each of us can help fight the spread of misinformation by asking some basic questions, when we come across new information.

  1. What is the source?
    1. Who
  2. What do other sources say?
  3. What is the date?
  4. What is the motivation?