Youth Writing Contest

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  Category Arts & Writing
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Entries accepted: June 1—July 31

Winners announced: August 7 

Calling all writers in 12th grade and under!  This is your summer to shine!  The Library is hosting a writing contest with five different categories:

  • Comic Book: a story told in the style of a graphic novel. Stories must be primarily pictures, with text.
  • Poetry: all poetic formats accepted--rhyming is not required.  Entries may consist of a single poem or a collection of poems, so long as the full entry fits on one double-sided 8”x11” page.
  • Short Story: an impactful story told in the shortest length possible—maximum one paragraph.
  • Tales & Trails: a story that relates to the Summer Reading Club theme “Tales & Trails.”  All lengths accepted. 
  • Wildcard: a story about anything, of any length.  The story must have been written in its entirety during the contest (June 1-July 31).


  • Every person who participates will receive one brag tag for each of their entries (up to five total).
  • The runners-up in all categories will receive bound copies of selected Youth Writing Contest submissions.
  • The winners in all categories will receive trophies and bound copies of selected Youth Writing Contest submissions.


  • All entries will be judged blind by library staff members other than Ms. Jacqui. 
  • Judging will consider the writers’ ages in context. 
  • The library reserves to right to award one, multiple, or no winners in each category.
  • Winners will be announced on Saturday, August 7.

General Information

  • Entries may be fiction or non-fiction.
  • All entries may include illustrations/graphics. 
  • Illustrations/graphics are only required for the Comic Book category.
  • All illustrations/graphics must be original creations by a listed author.
  • Group entries are accepted so long as all group members and their ages are listed.
  • Illustrations included on any submissions must be original creations (Digital/Manual).
  • Adults may assist writers with:
    • Spelling
    • Submission forms
    • Submitting entries
    • Typing
  • Adults are asked to limit their assistance to suggestions when editing.
  • Adults are asked to provide bare minimum, if any, assistance with drawings/graphics.

Submitting your entry

  • All entries must be submitted via email to Ms. Jacqui ( 
  • All entries must be submitted with this form in Word (fillable) or as a PDF (write over).
  • Multiple entries can be submitted in a single email, however:
    • every entry needs its own individual submission form
    • writers may only submit one entry per category 
  • Entries must be submitted by 11:59pm on Saturday, July 31.

Formatting an entry

  • Entries may be hand-written or digital. 
  • If hand-written, scan or take photos of the entries and submit them as attached files.
  • If digital, either type directly in the body of the email or attach the entries as files.