The Future of Wright Library: Sign up to learn more!

Dear Patrons,

A recount of votes show the Wright Library levy failing by 24 votes. This setback does not diminish the need for facilities upgrades, and the Library's trustees are in the process of discussing next steps. We will continue this conversation about our future with you. To become part of that conversation, please sign up here.

We will continue to serve the community with education, technology, and community space to the best of our ability. 

We thank the Oakwood residents and Library champions for their generous support and feedback over the past several months. We thank our Board of Trustees for their passionate commitment to creating a Library that will serve Oakwood residents for generations to come. We also thank the Citizens for Wright Library for their tireless efforts in support of the Library’s future.

Thank you,
Kristi Hale

Director, Wright Memorial Public Library