Far Hills Speaker Series: The Old Barn Club and the Golden Age of Hills and Dales Park

Far HillsPlease join us as we step back into the pastoral setting of early Van Buren Township for a trip through John H. Patterson’s sprawling country park. We’ll review the major events occurring in Hills and Dales Park, trace its important equestrian history, and explore the Old Barn Club, which served as the hub of the park’s early social activities.

We’ll also visit the nine Adirondack-style camps that hosted countless picnics and parties during the park’s heyday. Bio: David Schmidt is Director of Undergraduate Programs in the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences at Wright State University. He received his PhD from The Ohio State University and much of his research has focused on local geology and paleontology. Dr. Schmidt is a lifelong resident of the south Dayton area.
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Source URL: https://www.wrightlibrary.org/oldbarnclub