Post-Election Oral History Podcast

Post-Election Oral History

To promote open dialog, understanding, and engaged citizenship, Wright Library's Post-Election Oral History Podcast features some of our Oakwood neighbors sharing how they personally experienced the 2016 election. We've gathered excerpts from recorded interviews into a brief podcast series that explores how the election personally impacted people right here in our Oakwood community. Despite many differences, all of them cared about understanding people with beliefs different from their own, and hoped to be understood, likewise.

EPISODE 3: Dialog 
Talk to each other - this is the significant action our interviewees kept coming back to, no matter how they felt about the election results.  

EPISODE 2:  Results
Our interviewees share their responses to the results of the election.

EPISODE 1: Kudos, Board of Elections
One thing all our interviewees found common ground on: Montgomery County Board of Elections did great. Whether voting early (which most of them did) or on election day, citizens we spoke to all enjoyed a well-organized, positive experience voting, and they left feeling good about having done their civic duty. In this episode, one person discusses being a poll worker, another shares thoughts based on past experience as a precinct election judge.

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