Libby Updates - Ohio Digital Library

February, 2019 - Here is a quick overview of the latest Libby update for users of the Ohio Digital Library.  First, you can now place holds (and borrow) the same title at different digital library collections! If, for instance, you have library card with the Dayton Metro Library, you can place a hold in that collection as well as in the Ohio Digital Library collection.  When your Ohio Digital Library hold comes in, you are then prompted to cancel your other hold.  Perfect for someone who reads a lot of popular titles.
Second, the shelf summary has been rearranged and shelf tips have been added in Libby.  Before, Libby listed checked out titles by the date checked out with the most recently read titles moved to the top.  Now, the shelf summary moves the currently read title to the top, highlights checked out titles that you haven’t started reading and shows reminders and other helpful information.  See the screenshots below.  When there are other people waiting for a book you are reading, you may see a “Finished?” or "Time's running out..." reminders, prompting you to return a finished title or get back on the waiting list, if you won't be able to finish a title in time.  
Next, the waiting list information has been updated.  Instead of a series of dots to indicate how long your wait is going to be, there is now a small calendar.  The more filled in days in the calendar, the longer the wait time.  Your position in line is indicated by text next to the calendar and a day highlighted in blue.  If the highlighted day is close to the beginning of the month, you are close to the front of the line.  If the highlighted day is close to the end of the month, the more time you will be in line.  After tapping on the calendar, it will show you more information including place in line, where you were in line, number of copies, how many people are on hold, etc. 

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