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Frequently Asked Questions



What is interlibrary loan?

Interlibrary loan services let you use your Wright Library card to borrow millions of physical items beyond our local collection. When you make an interlibrary loan request, a library owning your requested title will send it to Wright Library. Once we notify you that it's ready, you can pick up and check out here using your Wright Library card, just like you would with other hold requests.

For added convenience and safety, you can even schedule Curbside Delivery once we notify you your item is available.

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What are SearchOhio & OhioLINK?

Two different interlibrary loan networks are available to Wright Library patrons, both offering a different range of materials. SearchOhio is a network of mostly public libraries, while OhioLINK is mostly academic libraries. Try SearchOhio first and if you can't find it there, try checking the OhioLINK catalog.

These networks have slightly different policies regarding loan periods, renewals, and lost/damaged items, so make sure you clearly understand the policies before you borrow. 

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How do I request an interlibrary loan?

Search for titles online in the SearchOhio or OhioLINK catalog. When you find a title you want to request:

  1. Click the Request it button.
  2. A window pops up asking for your library or institution; select Wright Memorial Public Library from the list (way toward the bottom) and click Submit above information
  3. Enter your, name, full library card number (14 digits), and PIN. Then click the green Submit button.

That's it! Then just wait to be notified your item is ready for pickup at Wright Library. Contact us with questions.

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What kind of items can be borrowed?

You can request books, DVDs, CDs, and many other formats depending on what other libraries choose to list in the SearchOhio and OhioLINK catalogs.

New titles, however, are not available through interlibrary loan. If you'd like a title published or released within the last year that is not yet in our collection, you can suggest a purchase instead.

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Are there fees for this service?

No; as long as your item is returned on time, this service is free. Late items are fined $0.50 per day, up to $5 for SearchOhio and up to $10 for OhioLINK.

Lost items incur additional fees (see below). If you lose or damage an interlibrary loan, please contact us directly regarding your replacement options, as policies vary by library.

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How many items can I request?

At one time, you may have:

  • 25 active requests* through OhioLINK
  • 50 active requests* through SearchOhio

Please note: The 25 item OhioLINK limit includes all active SearchOhio requests. This means once you have 25 active interlibrary loan requests, OhioLINK will not allow any more, but SearchOhio will allow 50 requests regardless of how many OhioLINK items you've requested. So you could have up to 75 active requests as long as you request the OhioLINK items first. 

* Active requests include interlibrary loans being shipped from Wright Library back to the owning library. Even after you return the item to Wright Library, your request remains active until the owning library receives and processes it.

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When will my item arrive?

Materials usually arrive in a week or two. We cannot guarantee items by a certain date, because availability and procedures at different lending libraries can vary. 

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How will I know when my item is ready?

Just as with other library request, when your item is ready for pickup you will receive an email, text message, or phone call depending on the notification preference you requested for your account.

To confirm or update this information, check your notification preferences by logging into your online account using your library card and PIN, or visit the library with photo ID to update your contact information. NOTE: To receive Text Message notifications, your mobile carrier must be up to date.

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Where do I pick up my items?

When placing your request, you can select your pickup location, just like any library hold request. Choose either the hold shelf near the Checkout Desk on the library's Main Level, or from the Holds Pickup Locker inside the library's Park Entrance.

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How long can I keep items on interlibrary loan?

Loan periods and number of renewals depend on the format. Items will be automatically renewed unless someone else has requested the item, in which case it cannot be renewed. (See renewal limits below.)

Books21 days
up to 3 renewals
21 days
up to 6 renewals
Movies (DVDs, Blu-ray, etc.)7 days
up to 3 renewals
7 days
up to 3 renewals
Other media items (CDs, Playaways, etc.)21 days
up to 3 renewals
7 days
up to 3 renewals
Number of items50 item limit25 item limit
Late fines$0.50 a day, per item
$ 5 maximum
$0.50 a day, per item
$ 10 maximum

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What happens if I lose or damage an interlibrary loan?

Interlibrary loans not returned within 45 days of their due date will be billed:

  • $25 replacement fee for items borrowed through SearchOhio
  • $75 replacement fee for items borrowed through OhioLINK

If you lose or damage an interlibrary loan, please contact us regarding your replacement options, as policies can vary depending on the loaning library. Many libraries do not accept replacement copies for interlibrary loans. Do not contact the library who owns the item for items borrowed with your Wright Library card.

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