Far Hills Speaker Series - Where Town and Country Meet, A Tour of Oakwood in 1913

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Where Town and Country Meet​This event will be held in the Great Room at the Oakwood Community Center, 105 Patterson Rd. Oakwood, OH 45419  

The year 1913 is one of the most interesting times in Oakwood’s history. To gain a better understanding of Oakwood and its people during this time, we’ll embark on a tour described in an article published in the Dayton Daily News on July 22, 1913 by an unknown author. The article is titled “Where Town and Country Meet,” which is apt because the City of Dayton lies just to the north of Oakwood, whereas the rest of the village is mainly surrounded by farmland, with the exception of Hills and Dales Park standing to the southwest. At this time Oakwood is relatively small, having been incorporated as a village of only 250 citizens in 1908.

Our pictorial tour consists of historic images of the Village of Oakwood via journeys along three separate routes: (1) a relatively short loop around the northeastern part of the village; (2) a more extended trip through the area west of Far Hills, including the adjacent Hills and Dales Park; and (3) a very brief jaunt through the area to the north of the Five Points intersection and the nearby Sugar Camp locale. As we follow these routes and observe the many notable features of early Oakwood, we’ll also discuss some of the people who have made important and lasting contributions.

Presented by David Schmidt, Director of Undergraduate Programs, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Wright State University, and Board Member, The Oakwood Historical Society

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