Library of Things: Fun & Games

A collection of fun objects (unicycle, ukulele, telescope, etc.) surround text "Library of Things"

Board games and activities for any age

The Library of Things includes broad collection of board games, and escape room kit, and recreational equipment like juggling balls, ukuleles, and even a unicycle. Scroll through the full list below, or in Wright Library's online catalog

You can also more about other types of items in Wright Library's Library of Things collection.

List of Fun & Games Activity Sets

List of Board Games

To be eligible to borrow items from the Library of Things you must:

  • have a library account in good standing 
  • be a Wright Library cardholder for at least 60 days 
  • be at least 8 years old
  • have a signed Library of Things waiver on file
    • patrons under 18 require parent/guardian signature