The Next Chapter: Wright Library Revitalization Project

Equipping Wright Library to write the next chapter of its legacy in Oakwood

Oct. 2020— Wright Library is taking steps to begin renovation in early 2021. To be efficient with limited resources, needed repairs and replacements will be paired with updates to better meet the needs of today’s library users.

Core sampling in Oct. 2020 near the future parkside entrance of Wright Library.The construction will revitalize the remaining portion of the library not renovated during the 2018 historic restoration, and is estimated to take about one year to complete. 

Repair and replacementwhile working within the existing building footprint, the design team is tasked with creating a facility plan that could be accomplished in stages and would include: 

  • HVAC System Replacement
  • Elevator modernization
  • Roof replacement 
  • Drainage issues 
  • Carpet replacement 
  • Modernized lighting 
  • Cleaning, tuckpointing and sealing building exterior

21st Century Library-  the project will address standards of usability and comfort essential to Wright Library's mission of providing diverse opportunities for lifelong learning, growth, education, and enjoyment in the heart of Oakwood. Updates include:

  • Updating Children and Teen areas
  • Updating spaces for technology and workforce needs
  • Improving accessibility
  • Improving efficiency and reducing operating costs

Wright Library is Oakwood’s library, and we look forward to continued engagement with the community in the facility planning process. If you would like more information or have questions or comments, please contact Kristi Hale, Director, at Revitalization Project: FAQs

Photo: Core sampling in Oct. 2020 near the future Parkside Entrance of Wright Library