Order a BookFlight

text:BOOKFLIGHT image: little glasses with books in them

Like a flight of wine, beer, or delectable bites, a Wright Library BookFlight is a carefully selected sampler of great books for you to try. Take home three books hand-picked just for you by one of our Adult Services librarians based on your personal reading preferences.


  1. adult bookflight register buttonREGISTER  --  Use our online Reader Profile form or get a paper form at the library. (Register just once, before your 1st order.)
  2. ORDER* --  Schedule a pickup date 3 weekdays in advance. Order online, by phone (937-294-7171) or in person at the Research Desk.adult bookflight order button 
  3. PICK-UP  --  Your BookFlight bundle will be checked out to you on your pickup date; just grab & go! We'll even email a reminder.
  4. ENJOY!  --  Tell us if you liked the titles in your BookFlight using the quick feedback survey. Drop it at the Research Desk before your next Flight date. ​

* Because we check the books out to you in advance, any library fines must be below $10.00 before your BookFlight can be ordered.
Repeat Steps 2-4 as often as once a month. Or, request recurring monthly flights every month.

Your BookFlight bag will include a list of the titles (with a little bit about why we chose them for you) and a short survey. By giving us feedback on each title, you'll help us get a better idea of your reading tastes, to make better selections for you in the future. Over time, we hope BookFlights will rekindle and deepen your love of reading.

You may not fall in love with everything we pick for you. It's even ok if you don't read any of them. We want to help you find books you might otherwise have overlooked, so expect both hits and misses-- but over time, we hope our selections for you will get better and better.

Our goal is simply that in each BookFlight you discover something new that intrigues you.