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Public Printing

Black & white: $.15 per page | Color: $.25 per page

Send print jobs exactly as you want them to print. For multiple copies or to print only certain pages, you must adjust those settings when sending the print job. Changes cannot be made from the payment kiosk.

Release a Print Job

Once you've sent your print job, either from a library public computer or through a mobile print method, pay at the printer to release your print job. 

  1. Visit the payment kiosk
  2. On Kiosk touch screen, select the Card Number/Webprint User button 
  3. Enter your Card Number or other ID
    • For jobs sent from library computers, use the number you used to begin your computer session (library card or guest pass number).
    • For emailed print jobs, use the part of your email address before the @.
      • For example, if you sent the email from, your ID is bookworm12345
    • For jobs sent through the web portal or ePrint-it mobile app, use whatever you entered in the Guest Name / Card Number field.
  4. Touch Print All button
  5. Insert payment
    • Kiosk accepts cash, credit card, mobile pay.
    • You may have to select Print All again if inserting payment took a few moments. 

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Mobile Printing

You can send print jobs straight from your own device by uploading to our web portal or emailing an attachment to the printing system. Pay & print securely by visiting the printer. Get instructions for mobile printing.​​​​

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Scan & Copy


Scanning is free. Our scanning software has numerous options for saving scans, including scan to:

  • email
  • text message
  • USB device
  • One Drive 
  • Google Drive
  • Dropbox

For text-based documents, you can also:

  • convert text to an mp3 audio file 
  • translate text into various languages


Make copies by using the scanner and selecting the Scan to Print option. After scanning, pay at the print kiosk to release the print-outs. See Public Printing instructions above.

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We offer fax service from the Research desk at $1.00 per faxed page. We provide a cover sheet, faxed at no charge.
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