Lower Level Repairs

April 3rd, 2017 
Duration: 2 months

In the 2017 winter, water leaking inside the drinking fountain caused damage to the wall between YA and the men's bathroom. An insurance claim uncovered issues beyond drywall repair and provided funds to replace damage to the carpet in YA and AV as well as extensive repair to the men's bathroom.

The Library Foundation supplied additional funding to remove and replace carpet in the lower office areas, conference and meeting rooms and to add outlets in the lower level to accommodate computer and device usage. The Foundation also approved funds to replace the broken drinking fountain with an eco-friendly model with a water bottle filling station. 

Insurance money and funds from the Library Foundation paid for 100% of the repairs. The new flooring is a high quality carpet tile selected for its adaptability to changes demanded in the future as we continue to care for the facility.

Construction Workflow:
  • First, the Young Adult collection will move to the Meeting Room until the repairs and carpeting are completed in the YA area.
  • Next, the Audio Visual collection will move to the Meeting Room while repairs are completed in AV, Staff areas, and the Conference Room.
  • Finally, the Meeting Room will be re-carpeted.
  • The men’s bathroom in the basement will be closed for repair during most of the 2 month project.
  • The women’s bathroom in the basement and the stairwell will be open except for brief periods during the project.