Adult Tech Classes: Foundations Series


Are you a beginning computer user or feel like you need a refresher on the basics?  Join Wright Library for a 6 week series of classes designed to make you comfortable using a computer.  Classes for this series will be held Wednesday evenings at 6:30 p.m. in the Aberdeen Conference Room beginning on April 15.  No previous computer experience necessary.  Registration is required and the class size is limited to 6 individuals.  Sign up for the entire series or for classes specific to your needs.

April 15 - THE MOUSE  
Mastering the mouse and identifying links are the keys to confident computer usage. In this beginner-level class, we’ll learn how to comfortably set up your computer space and how to use the mouse to interact with the computer. 

As vital as the mouse to successfully interacting with the computer, the keyboard is used for more than just typing. We’ll learn the basic and essential keyboard keys, how they function, and how to use them to enter information and navigate your documents. 

Just what’s going on in there? Now that you have mouse and keyboard skills, we’ll look at the computer operating system, the parts of the desktop, the browser and how to open and manage windows. Basic mouse and keyboard skills are helpful but not necessary. 

Get online confidently and safely. After reviewing what we learned in The Computer Foundation class, we’ll go a little deeper into the browser, the parts of the browser window, search engines, and what happens when you search for a website or information on the World Wide Web. 

Moving files from computer to computer over the Internet, whether sharing pictures, submitting a resume or turning in homework, is becoming an expected skill.  

May 27 - EMAIL
The modern and often essential way to communicate, an email account allows you to maintain contact with friends and family, share documents, apply for jobs or place orders online and much more. In this beginner-level class, we’ll learn how email works, email provider options, how to create your own email account and how to send and manage emails.