The Art of Editing


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2-3:30pm, Saturday March 7, 2020     Registration Opens February 3, 2020

In most good books, the characters are three dimensional, the plot or subject is intriguing, and the story seems to unfold intuitively. This doesn’t happen by accident, and it rarely happens in a writer’s first draft. The hard work of editing and rewriting can take your novel, story, or memoir from just okay to amazing. Learn the ins and outs of editing, from minor tune ups to major structural or character changes and how to tell which is required for your work. Successful writer, Sharon Short, will help you look at your own work with a critical eye that will improve your writing and increase your chances of working with a traditional publisher. 

Sharon Short writes short fiction and personal essays and is the author of several novels, including My One Square Inch of Alaska. As Jess Montgomery, she also write historical mysteries published by Minotaur Books. The first novel in the Kinship Historical Mystery series, THE WIDOWS, is set in 1920s Appalachia and is inspired by Ohio's true first female sheriff. Her follow up, THE HOLLOWS, will be published in January 2020. Learn more at and

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