Build A Thriving Creative Life

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Sunday, September 25, 2022
2:00 PM - 3:30 PM | Virtual Program


Build A Thriving Creative Life

Creativity is an ecosystem.  Learn how to build a thriving creative life, complete your projects, and achieve your goals with a four-step method to transform your creative work from project to success. Join author, podcaster, and multi-passionate creator Lucas Zellers to build your habitat, protect it from poachers, and build on your successes. You'll hear a big-picture plan along with specific steps to take and tools to use no matter your creative outlet. Whether you want to be an author, musician, artist, producer, or even start your own business, don't follow your dreams - cultivate them. This workshop is part of the Write@Wright Series sponsored by the Wright Library Foundation. 

About the Presenter

Lucas Zellers

Lucas Zellers is the host and producer of Making a Monster, decoding the story and history of monsters in games. He is a freelance narrative designer working at the intersection of creativity and ecology. The "monster" project currently devouring his life is Book of Extinction, a bestiary of extinct species resurrected for D&D. His work has already sold thousands of copies on the DM's Guild, where he's known for replayable one-shots and collaborations with a community of diverse and adept designers. He has a head stuffed full of animal facts, a writing desk covered in dice, and a floor covered in dog hair.

Find Lucas on: | Twitter @sparkotter