Campaign update

Wright Memorial Public Library is pleased to announce several new gifts to its Making An Impact capital campaign.

The campaign seeks to raise $1.5 million in private funding for Wright Library’s building repair and improvement project starting in 2021. This philanthropic support will help the Wright Library reimagine and enhance portions of the building into 21st-century spaces for children, teens, and the community.

Totaling $500,000, these new gifts come from a mix of individual donors, board members, foundations, and estates:

  • $300,000 gift from the Wright Memorial Public Library Foundation via the Estate of Dr. Lester Eidemiller. Dr. Eidemiller, a longtime patron of the library, bequeathed the donation to the library upon his death in 2012.
  • $125,000 gift from the family of Joanne G. Shank, an educator who served on Wright Library’s board of trustees.
  • $50,000 gift from Dr. and Mrs. Jim and Jean Graham
  • $10,000 gift from The Wright Brothers Family Foundation
  • $5,000 gift from Mr. and Mrs. Stefan and Sharon Neumeister

In addition, there has been 100 percent participation in the campaign from members of both the Library Foundation and Board of Trustees.

Wright Library is at 70% of the campaign goal.

“I am humbled by the amount of support there is in Oakwood,” said Wright Library Director Kristi Hale. “From these incredible philanthropic gifts combined with public support shown through the new tax levy, it is clear the community wants a vibrant library, and we will not disappoint them.” Wright Library is a highly valued community asset to Oakwood residents.

Usage of the library surpasses the national averages per capita, making it one of the most used libraries of its size in America. For further information about the $1.5 million campaign, please contact Kristi Hale at (937) 250-6824.