Dayton Code Breakers

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The Oakwood Historical Society and the Wright Memorial Public Library are proud to co-host a special fall speaker series on WWII. These presentations will be held Sundays at 2:00 PM. To better accommodate the attendees, the fall series have been moved to the Lutheran Church of Our Savior, 155 Thruston Boulevard.

NCR Building 26 and Joseph Desch​September 16 - Dayton Codebreakers. This presentation reveals the remarkable history of Joseph Desch, the WAVES, and the Dayton Codebreakers. It was 1942. German U-boats were sinking hundreds of American ships in the Atlantic Ocean. In desperation, a top-secret Navy project was created to build a decoding machine, right here at NCR in Building 26. Presented by Jim Charters, historian and presenter for Dayton History