Magazines Available through Ohio Digital Library

Find Magazines in the Ohio Digital Library collection. They can be read using the Libby app or via OverDrive Read in a browser.  Magazines are always available and checkouts do not count towards your overall checkout limit.  If you don’t finish reading a magazine by the due date, simply check it out again. 
Checking out magazines
The checkout process for magazines is the same process as checking out an eBook or audiobook.  Using the Libby app, the magazine will begin downloading immediately. If you read the magazine in your browser, click the blue button to open a new tab and begin reading the magazine. 

Offline reading in browser
Like eBooks in OverDrive Read, you can download magazines for offline access.  The initial download requires you to be connected to the Internet.  Follow these steps: 
1.Open the OverDrive Read menu. On a mobile device, tap the middle of the screen to bring up the menu icon.
2.Select Offline Access.
3.Select Start Download.
4.Save the URL (address) for the magazine you downloaded. It’s easiest to bookmark it in the browser. 
5.Once offline, open the web browser and go to the book's URL (or open the bookmark) to keep reading.