Insider Travel Tips: Ask a Local

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Get the inside scoop - Representatives from five different nations will talk about their cultures and offer local insights for prospective tourists.  Short (20 min) presentations will be made on Chile, India, Jordan, the Republic of China (Taiwan) and the Republic of Korea.  Each will be followed by the opportunity for audience members to ask questions. 
Our international speakers are participating in an advanced training program through the School of Aerospace Medicine at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base and have graciously consented to share first hand knowledge about their nations.  The presenters are: Capitan de Bandada María I. Fuentes and Capitan de Bandada Diego Vasquez Meza from Chile; Surgeon Commander Ranjan Sarkar and Wing Commander Harvinder Sahota from India; 1st Lieutenant Mohammad Al-Nsour from Jordan; Captain Lai Pin Huei from the Republic of China (Taiwan); and Major Sangheum Bang from the Republic of Korea (South Korea). The course director of the program, Dr. Salvatore Pelligra, will act as emcee for the event.

Take advantage of this exciting opportunity to learn about other parts of the world from the people who live there!
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