Poetry Reading and Book Signing

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Two local poets read their new work. Book sale and signing follow.

 AND YET by Rita Coleman

This volume of seamlessly-woven poems of joy and loss, mysticism and sensual earthiness, begins on a supernatural shamanic plane. Gradually, as the familiar reality of grass, flowers, trees and stone appears, an escaped slave becomes a river rock to be contemplated as he wears away. The color red stands for moments of peak existence. A drop of dew in Carl Sandburg’s garden transforms the poet so she (and the reader) knows “that nothing ordinary/would ever exist again.” Though the poems are mostly lyrical, there’s a narrative, too; and lists, lamentations, prayers and eulogies as well. Rita Coleman is a poet residing in rural Greene County, Ohio.

  BIRD NOTES by Betsy Hughes

Betsy Hughes‘s love of nature combines with her love of the sonnet form in this collection of poems about birds — actual, mythical, and metaphorical birds.  Her first collection of sonnets, Breaking Weather, won the 2013 Stevens Poetry Manuscript Competition sponsored by the National Federation of State Poetry Societies and was published by the NFSPS Press in 2014.  Betsy taught English for 30 years at The Miami Valley School and lives with her husband in Dayton, Ohio.



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