Account Privacy & Designated Borrowers

Library Records are protected by state law

To protect patron privacy, all patrons must provide any one of the following in order to check out items, make changes to a library account, or get information about items on their account.

  • Your physical library card
  • Valid photo ID
  • Your library card barcode number and account PIN
  • Virtual library card through Wright Library's Mobile App (initial app login requires PIN authentication; a photo of a library card will not be accepted)

If you wish to send another person to pick up your library materials, you may lend them your card, or tell them your card number and PIN. You are still responsible for any fines or fees incurred on your account.

Designated Borrowers

Alternatively, you may name a Designated Borrower. Your Designated Borrower's name is stored in your patron record, granting them the ability to check out items on your account with proper identification. You are still responsible for any fines or fees incurred on your account. 

To name a Designated Borrower: 

  1. visit the Check-Out Desk in person 
  2. present your library card and identification 
  3. provide the full name of the Designated Borrower being added to your account.  

You may have more than one designated borrower.