Wireless Printing

​​​Wireless printing in the Library is available three different ways.  All print outs are released from the Library's printer using your email address.  

  1. Go to our wireless printing site and select whether you want to print in black or color, enter your email address, then upload the document you want to print or enter an URL.  
  2. On mobile devices, install the PrinterOn app.  Select a printer using the Location feature or search for Wright Memorial Library.  Choose either 'Black and White' or 'Color,' which you can save in the app.  Choose the source of what you want to print (Documents, Email, Photos, or Web).  Tap Print and enter your email address.  Tap the check mark to submit your print job.
  3. Attach the document you wish to print to an email and send it to wmpl-blackandwhite@printspots.com (for black only) or wmpl-color@printspots.com (for color prints).