Far Hills Music Series: Keith Lykins

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The Wright Memorial Public Library Foundation presents the second year of our Far Hills Music Series.

Keith Lykins is a fingerstyle guitarist, instrumentalist, one-man band, and singer-songwriter. His playing uses every inch of the guitar, creating a visual as well as musical spectacle.

Lykins' performing "encompasses aspects of music from the lurid, intoxicating deltas of the deep American South to the sultry driving beats found in the all-night coffee houses of Madrid... He combines unexpected nuances from around the globe to create an epic and novel experiences. He plays and sings a wide but cohesive mixture of cover and original music. From rock music cover tunes performed in a truly novel way to Arabic, Turkish, World Music, Blues, and Acoustic Percussive Guitar on the 6 string guitar, 9 string drum guitar and fretless guitar, his music shines its way through unexpected gulfs and valleys of emotion."

Lykins holds a Bacherlor’s Degree in Classical Guitar Performance as well as advanced studies in composition, orchestration, and ethnomusicology.

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