New Makerboxes are here - ukukeles, littleBits, and a sewing machine.

What are Makerboxes? Borrow a cooking class or music studio, a spinning wheel or professional interior design tools. Create, build, tinker and learn at your own pace then share your experience on
the Library's Facebook page. Check out the Internet Resources below to extend your MakerBox experience.  

A signed liability waiver form is required in order to check out the Makerboxes.  Print the form, along with the Makerbox policy, and bring it in filled out and signed so you're ready to check out.

Culinary Maker Box

Molecular gastronomy may be the future of food. Try your hand at this combination of cooking, science, design, and play with a trio of molecular gastronomy kits from Molecule-R.
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Hand Spinning
Spinning Maker Box

Spin wool into yarn using a drop spindle or spinning wheel. The box includes everything you need.
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Interior Design
Interior Design Maker Box

Interior design principles and professional tools help you reimagine your living space.
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Music Maker Box

Record yourself singing and playing music (recording equipment, microphone, keyboard and audio editing software included). Try out cool music effects with a Korg Kaossilator 2.
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Computer Maker Box

Build a computer from scratch.  We provide the parts, you figure out how it goes together.
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Engineering Maker Box

Go crazy building with connectors, gears, wire, wheels, pulleys, dowels, clips, cups and more. Keep what you make and return everything else.
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Pottery Maker Box

Make a pot or vase with a pottery wheel, tools, clay, and how-to books.  Air dry clay, then paint to decorate.
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Wright Brothers
Wright Brothers Makerbox

Ride a Unicycle. Go Birding. Make a model of the 1903 Glider.
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Building Maker Box

Six different building sets! Includes GoldieBlox, Magnetic tiles, and Laser Pegs.
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Arduino Maker Box

Play with circuits, program, and invent with Arduino, an open source prototyping platform. Requires a home computer with internet access.
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Makey Makey
Makey Makey Maker Box

Map your keyboard onto objects like carrots, play dough, or water. Make anything a key!  

Experiment. Invent. Have fun! Requires a home computer with internet access. 
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Raspberry Pi
Raspberry Pi Maker Box

Raspberry Pi is a computer the size of a credit card. Use it to program, invent, play games and more!  Requires a TV with an HDMI connection.
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Coding & Circuits
Coding and Circuits Maker Box

Enjoy board games designed to teach coding principles and experiment with Snap Circuits!
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Moving Making
Movie Making Makerbox

Make a movie with our GoPro camera. Tons of cool accessories will help you get just the right shot. Or create a stop action film with Animation Studio.

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Oral History/Podcast
Oral History, Podcast Makerbox

All the equipment you need to record family history or make a podcast!
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