Revitalization Project: Facility Needs

Wright Library 2020 and 1939

While the historic part of the building received a much-needed facelift in 2018 and makes a great first impression when coming through the front door, infrastructure issues for the remainder of the building still need to be addressed and have grown with time. Total cost of infrastructure repairs and replacements are estimated to cost in excess of $1 million.

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Repairs- Addressing these infrastructure issues will necessitate bringing the building up to today’s building codes, opening up walls and ceilings, moving bookshelves, and addressing unexpected issues that inevitably occur when repairing old buildings. Repairs include:

  • HVAC System Replacement – Many components are obsolete or in “fair” condition and will need to be replaced in the next three years; airflow should be updated for better comfort and to meet today’s standards.
  • Elevator modernization – Current elevator is nearing obsolescence, meaning replacement parts will become unavailable. The elevator will need to be modernized in the next one to three years.
  • Roof replacement – The library’s two flat roofs are nearing end of lifespan, with increasing number of leaks and higher repair costs annually. Roof replacement is recommended within the next 4 years.
  • Drainage issues – Moisture issues in the lower level require running three dehumidifiers 24/7, cause an unpleasant damp odor, and prevent using the space for books.
  • Carpet replacement – Carpet throughout most of the upper level is nearly thirty years old and badly needs replaced. In addition to the cost of the carpet, this will require moving all of the library’s books and shelving.
  • Modernized lighting – Existing lighting is inefficient and many fixtures are cracked and need to be updated with LED lighting throughout the building.
  • Cleaning, tuckpointing and sealing building exterior

Outdated computer support and cabling

Current building systemsUpdates- As the Oakwood community has grown over time, so has Wright Library. The revitalization project will address 21st century standards of usability and comfort which are essential to Wright Library's mission of providing diverse opportunities for lifelong learning, growth, education, and enjoyment in the heart of Oakwood. Updates include:

  • Children and Teen areas
    • For children, lower, kid-friendly shelves and more opportunities for educational play.
    • For teens, a dedicated computer area separate from adult computing areas and comfortable places to study with easy power access.
    • For adults, effective noise control between active kid and teen areas, flexible meeting spaces, and creative and business tools.
  • Spaces for technology and workforce needs
    • Effective noise control between adult spaces and kid and teen areas
    • Flexible meeting spaces
    • Creative and business tools
  • Accessibility
    • ADA and family-friendly restrooms
    • Updated parking and walkways
    • Re-opening the back entrance
  • Efficiency improvements and operating cost reduction
    • Better security
    • Energy-efficient lighting
    • Considering the feasibility and return on investment of solar panels