Revitalization Project: FAQs

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FAQs - The Next Chapter Revitalization Project


Q. Why is it necessary to remodel the library?

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A. The building is in need of many essential infrastructure repairs, such as HVAC, lighting, and elevator modernization. Addressing these infrastructure issues will necessitate bringing the building up to today’s building codes, opening up walls and ceilings, moving bookshelves, and addressing unexpected issues that inevitably occur when repairing old buildings. To be efficient with limited resources, the library will pair these needed repairs and replacements with “should do” updates to better meet the needs of today’s library users, including:

  1. Updating children, teen, and community spaces
  2. Updating spaces for technology and workforce needs
  3. Improving accessibility
  4. Improving efficiency and reducing operating costs

Q. Why is the library doing this now, during a pandemic? 

A. The pandemic has created advantageous circumstances in several ways. With much of the building closed to the public, there’s an opportunity to condense the project phasing, which will reduce the length and cost of construction. In addition:

  1. Construction costs have decreased
  2. Interest rates are very low
  3. Voters approved the levy during the pandemic and are ready for the library to move forward.
  4. Donors have expressed interest.

Q. How did you select the architect and construction companies?

A. Requests for Qualifications were advertised in accordance with the Ohio Revised Code. From the submissions, three design firms and three construction companies were shortlisted and interviewed. The Library Board of Trustees selected the architect and construction firms that offered the best value.

Q. What is the timeline for this project?

A.Construction starts in early 2021, and the project is estimated to take about 12 months.

Q.Who do we contact for more information? 

A. Contact Kristi Hale, Library Director

Q. How much will the project cost?

A. The project budget is $4.5M 

Q. Where is the money coming from?

A.The project is a public/private partnership of state and local tax funds, the library’s capital reserves, and private gifts raised from the community. Learn more >

Q. How can I help?

A. Private community support will allow the Library to take this project from good to great. If you’d like to support the renovation with a charitable gift to the Wright Library Foundation please contact Kristi Hale, Library Director